Letter to Myself

The following is a letter I wrote to myself when I returned from Africa for the first time, nearly 10 months ago. I read it again today and I cried. Not sad or happy tears but tears because I'm thankful for how God works. I'm thankful that when I feel like a failure, He is there. I'm thankful that when I'm lonely, He guides my path. I'm thankful that for the unknown, He is my home. I hope by sharing this, you can be encouraged to look at what God has done for you, I know I'm thankful He is always there for me in good times and in bad.  


"Hey julia,  

I'm so proud of how far you've come since going to Africa and coming back. You just seem so at peace. I want you to remember some things from this experience. Always remember to carve out time with God - your relationship with God means more than anyone else. Remember how faithful he's been during this time and your whole life. Pray without ceasing - God takes care of it all. I also want you to remember to choose love. Choose love when you don't want to. Choose love when you're tired. Choose love even when it hurts. That's how God has loved us. I hope at this time in your life you've figured some stuff out (P.s. I haven't). I know you want to go back to Africa - I hope you make it back. I also hope you are bringing hope to people no matter where you are. People gave you hope when you least expected it but you most needed it. Be that person for someone. Lastly, I hope you forgive more. It hurts to hold onto the hurt. Remember how Jesus and people forgave you. Remember how beautiful you are - how God made you. Remember how much He loved you and also His grace in your life. Be kind, always smile and have joy.