Who are Your Heroes?

I was in a conversation the other day about women that other women can look up to. If you ask most people who their heroes are, it would be famous people. It would be actors and actresses, sports stars, or someone who makes a lot of money. I generalized that, so if it’s not you, then that’s okay. But, it makes me think, where are the heroes of faith? The ones who stuck life out, prayed through hard times, and followed God. Where are the women that I can look up to? Who are they?

I sat for a while and just thought. As a young woman, it’s always great to have other women to look up to. So I asked myself:

Who are my heroes?

My answered surprised myself. I didn’t think of anyone famous. Actually, you’ve probably never met my heroes, you’ve probably never heard of them, and honestly, you probably never will.

My heroes are the ones who are invisible, the ones nobody sees but who keep living life, pressing in, praying through, and hoping to plant seeds that last ages.

My hero is the mom who had three kids of her own but took in another, helped her heal, and continues to love all her children like any mom would and who always thinks of others needs before her own.

My hero is the mom who had her life planned out, but followed God and took in two young kids and has committed to help raise them while juggling different roles. 

My hero is the farmers wife who homeschools her kids, plays a vital roles as a friend and is there to give love whenever she can.

My here is the mom who beat drug addiction and has three young girls and is one of the best moms.  

My hero is the Director of a ministry who tirelessly works to make sure kids, adults, staff, and anyone in her presence is taken care of and safe.

My hero is the widow who grieves daily but continues to care for children and a people group that her late husband and her invested in.

My hero is a pastor’s wife who moved out of the comfort of her home, her state, but is seeing beauty in everyday life.

My hero is the friend whose husband left her after an affair but she continues to fight for the life God wants her to live.

My hero is a mom of five who also doubles as a teacher, coach, mentor, and friend and does it all with grace.

My hero is the mom and mentor who tirelessly works between two cities while asking God what is next, all while keeping faith.  

My hero is an advisor who took care of a young scared girl who called her from jail and didn’t leave but committed to help her in life.

My hero is a friend who wasn’t planning on being a mom but is taking the job and making it look easy.

My hero is a coach who still after ten years, invests in her players lives.

My hero is a young girl who fought against all odds and is making a way for herself in her new identity in Christ.

My hero is a counselor who sat, prayed, cried, and invested into a young girl who just needed someone.

The list could go on an on of ordinary women who make extraordinary moments happen. All of these heroes I know personally and I think they are better than the ones you see in movies because God has a hand on their lives. My heroes are the ones who you would expect but they’re the women I look up to and hope to be like someday. My heroes are the ones who live their lives like the real hero, Jesus Christ, and commit their full lives to honor Him.  If that’s not something to look up to I don’t know what is. I want to live my life so one day someone can look at me and say “she’s my hero,” and not because of anything I have done, but because of the One who lives inside of me.